4 Secret Ingredient To Happiness

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Happiness is a mental state of mind and in this state you feel everything is perfect. The truth is happiness means so many different things to so many people. For instance; while a woman might be happier with a promotion at her office than getting married, another would be happier with a husband and family than a promotion at  her office.

Would it not be great to just find out that the secret ingredient to happiness is just a single thing you have to do? But that is not really the case because most people base their happiness on different things. But there are secret ingredients to happiness but not just one.

Here are the secret ingredient to a happiness;

  1. Purpose fulfilment

When you find your purpose in life or are working towards achieving it, there is an happiness in your soul. The fact that you are doing what you were put in this earth to do, would always give you a certain level of happiness.

  1. Peace of mind

Some people would say peace of mind is the main secret ingredient to happiness because it is how you measure how well you are doing in life. If you are working at a place where you do not have peace of mind, you cannot possibly be happy.

It is the only way you evaluate what has value in your life and what does not.

  1. Relationships

Your relationship with the people in your life is a secret ingredient to your happiness. If you have a good relationship with people around you and they are also loving and caring towards you, you realize you would be happier than if you have a horrible relationship with people.

How you relate with your friends, family and others determines how happiness in life. There is the fulfilment and happiness in your heart when you know you have people who love you and would do their best for you.

  1. Good health

Only a handful of people can actually be happy when they are sick. Good health gives you a level of happiness that money cannot buy. Being alive and in good health is a privilege that not everybody has.


Happiness is a mental state of mind not how much you have in your bank account or how much properties you own. The secret to happiness is not in the material things you own but the things you cannot buy with money.


Written by Manoj Joshi

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