6 Ways To Live More Peacefully

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Peace is the absence of disturbance. It is a form of freedom. To live a peaceful life is to live a life void of stress, disturbance or war. We have outward and inner peace. Outward peace reflects on how we show love and respect to each other despite our cultural, political and religion beliefs. Inner peace is our mental and spiritual stability despite what is happening around us.


Inner and outward peace must work together to remove conflicts around us. Here are the possible 6 ways to live more peacefully.

  1. Forgive not revenge: Forgiveness is making peace with whatsoever that has happened in the past. Dwelling in what has happened in the past will only cause more pain and affect your inner peace. Learn to forgive people and not seek revenge for what evil they have done to you. Let the past settle itself so you can enjoy life with the present and face the future.


  1. Seek your inner peace: Inner peace allows you overcome conflict that may arise. You need to do things that will calm you down in that moment of conflict. Find a serene environment like your garden and relax. You can play your favorite music or take a walk around your neighborhood or even do a house chore. Do any of these till you are calm.


  1. Avoid debts: Debt is a financial crisis that will cause you worry. Worry will definitely disturb your peace. If you are owing, put up effort to pay up as soon as possible. The fear of being embarrassed is another worry. Consult a financial adviser to work with you on your finances. Most importantly, avoid debts at all cost.


  1. Avoid violence: Violence have never helped a cause whether religious or political. Always seek peace even in arguments. It is better to avoid clash with someone than believe violence will solve the differences. If you have a problem with someone, find a way to reconcile. Reconciliation will help build up your relationship with people.


  1. Be joyful always: A joyful heart sees good in everything that surrounds it. When you are joyful, you become peaceful because you believe no matter the negativity of a situation, there is something to be joyful for in it.


  1. Do not seek to please everyone: It is not practical or feasible to please everyone around you. Say yes when you are certain and say no respectfully. You can explain logically why you choose to say no.


Other ways to be peaceful include:


  • Avoid multitasking
  • Be patient
  • Be tolerant
  • Learn an act of gratitude
  • Be loving not controlling
  • Avoid online influence.
Written by Manoj Joshi

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