7 simple tips on how to maintain a calm mind

January 04, 2018 Breathe, Founder and Director, Meditate 0 Comments

Calmness is such a rare quality these days. There is too much information to process and too many things to do with such little time we have!

However, that kind of stress makes you miss out on life and may even affect your health. Therefore, here are seven (7) simple tips on how to maintain a calm mind, all the time.

  1. Reduce the clutter

Most likely, your mind is overcrowded and so you need to decongest it. Considering the fact that we live in a technological age, there is way too much your mind has to process. One thing responsible for that clutter is the media. Yes, you need to cut down on TV time and even the internet, if possible.

  1. Meditate

There has been concrete proof that meditation and yoga keep depression away and relieve stress. Mediation helps you project serene images in your mind’s eye while yoga generally promotes a more peaceful lifestyle.

  1. Get it all out

Usually, if your mind is not calm then even when you sleep, your brain does not get to rest because it is still going over your to-do list. To avoid this, it is very helpful to write down all you have to do. In this way, it is like you have shelved everything for later so your mind can rest.

  1. Quit being so rational

This may seem difficult because humans are rational beings; it’s kind of a defining characteristic. Yet, whenever you find yourself mulling a matter over too much, take deep, stabilizing breaths and try to let go. The more you think about issues, the more you tend to worry. Learn to leave them for later then go over them when your mind is more settled.

  1. Go out

Taking strolls in the cool of the evening just to interact with nature or for some fresh air will do your mind a world of good.

  1. Exercise

Never say you don’t have time for exercise. Working out helps keep your stress hormones balanced.

  1. Do unto others…

There is inexplicable joy and peace of mind attached to doing good to other people. Take the focus off yourself and go out of your way to be nice to people and forgive when you are offended.

Calmness despite the chaotic world we live in is not a treasure reserved for monks. It is very much within your reach, based on the choices you make daily.

Written by Manoj Joshi

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