Daily Deliberate Practice for a new Lease on Life

April 09, 2019 0 Comments

Are you a CEO, a VP or a senior manager suffering from high levels of stress that is taking a toll on your MENTAL and PHYSICAL health?

Do “Anxiety’, ‘Burden’ and ‘Crunch’ define the ABC’s of your life?

Are you finding it difficult to balance personal and corporate goals?

Is your stress driven by aggressive goals and timelines?

Are the business challenges bogging you down and affecting your productivity and decision-making skills?

If Yes to Any or All of the Above, you need to spend just 15 minutes and explore how to add 15 extra joyful years to your life. Please watch this video and click on the Mental Wellness or Physical Wellness Buttons at the end of the video.



Rest on me, I promise.

It's proven fact that daily deliberate practice of meditation and yoga can add a new lease on life.

Looking forward to talk to you soon.

Manoj Joshi

Founder and CEO


Written by Manoj Joshi

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