How Can You Bring Constant Improvement in Your Life?

January 04, 2018 Breathe, Happiness, healthy, Meditate, Pranayam, Relax, Spiritual, Who We Are, yoga, health, nature 0 Comments

Thoughts Take Roots in our Mind

 Think of your mind like a big garden. All this time from the childhood, billions of thoughts have flown through this mind. Some thoughts may have taken deep roots and some even have become like a full-grown tree.


Negative Thoughts are like Weeds

 Not all these trees may be of all positive values. If we are not careful, most of our thoughts can be like weeds, sucking up all mental energies and draining us down all the time.


Decorate Your Mental Garden

 We need to cut off these unproductive weeds and trees and plant some nice, fruit bearing or flower plants in our mental garden. So, lets continue to bring more positive thoughts and feelings back into this life.


From Mental Garden to Mighty Goals

 Some of the new seeds or plants you are going to put in this garden could represent your new goals and aspirations. Once they are duly planted, every day you need to spend some time visiting them in meditation and nourish them, and make sure that they are growing as desired. You just relax and rejoice seeing them growing up.


Keep Growing with Yoga Nidra

 Eventually, you will see positive people and opportunities would be drawn onto your life and you would soon see a positive growth pattern. You will be consistently inspired to keep that flow of constant improvement and growth, naturally, joyfully, effortlessly, blissfully.


Namaste and Thank You!

 Hope you enjoyed all the 21 days of yoga nidra relaxation and meditation and were able to train your mind and heal your body, smart ways. Stay Ahead, Stay Bold, Stay Clean and StayAlive Mindfully! Namaste!


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Written by Manoj Joshi

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