How Can You Overcome Your Physical Limitations?

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Am I this Body: Or, I have this Body?

 If you take any object like, your car, you say, “its my car”, that means you are different than your car. Likewise, when we say, “this is my body” I am different than my body.


What is Our True Identity?

There is always a deeper layer of understanding when we try to explore the spiritual truth behind the question: “Who Am I?”


From “Koham” (Who AM I?) to “Soham” (I am That)

The vedantic philosophy teaches that we are not this body, we are not this mind. The Nature has provided us this body, mind, intelligence complex to experience life. We are the eternal soul who resides in this complex for a limited time, what we call our life. “Chidananda Rupa Shivoham, Shivoham.” -Adi Shankara


Chidananda Rupa (Pure Immortal Bliss Are Us.)

When death happens, our subtle body or the soul leaves this physical body and enters another body. Our true nature is the eternal and infinite happiness, bliss, divine consciousness which is immortal. We discover and experience this deeper truth when we attain self-realization.



Yoga Nidra Reflection:

Am I This Body? Just build a reference of this vedantic philosophy through this yoga nidra and create a curiosity to undertand our true nature. When we understand something intellectually, at some time we may be able to experience it as well, by God’s grace.


Invest in the Process And Do Not Worry About the Outcomes.

Life Laughs at You when You are Unhappy, Life Smiles at You when You are Happy, But Life Salutes You when You Make Others Happy. 


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Written by Manoj Joshi

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