Let Yoga Help You Fulfil Your Desires

January 02, 2018 Breathe, Happiness, healthy, Meditate, Pranayam, Relax, Spiritual, Who We Are, yoga, health, nature 0 Comments


Desire, Dream and Drive:

 This is what we call the 3D principle of Success: Desire, Dream and Drive. Desire happens at a deeper subconscious level, dream happens at a mental conscious level and drive happens at a physical body level.


3D Success without any Doubt:

 If these three aspects are duly aligned and we have the discipline of having a reasonable determination of mind, we will be able to manifest the desired objective into reality. However, there is one more “D” factor that could destroy everything: that is Doubt.


Success is Our Birthright

 So in simple words desire, dream and drive and have no doubts, you will be successful. Success, is indeed our Birthright. Let’s just claim it!


Have No Fear of Failure

 Having big dreams without the fear of failure or unnecessary worries can be a positive strategy to keep our mind more fertile and excited. More so, if our big dreams are about doing something more meaningful and beneficial to others, it would have more power.


Anything Possible for a Powerful Mind

 Afterall, this is only one life and our mind is so powerful!  So why not have some big desires, dreams and few giant leaps forward with a heart filled with love, courage and surrender to the Divine?


Yoga Nidra can be instrumental in manifesting Your Big Dreams. In today’s yoga nidra you will be enticed to dream some big projects which you can continue even after the practice is over. Continue to open your mind and heart to accommodate some bigger dreams in life.


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Written by Manoj Joshi

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