Peace Is the Ultimate Mission

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Keeping Stress Under Control 

Stress is inevitable in our life, some stress is

necessary to have so that we are able to lead a productive life. However, if it goes beyond a point it can be detrimental to our health and wellbeing.


Positive Perspective Towards Stress

Stress needs to be managed by changing our perspective. Life is 10% what happens but 90% how we respond to it. So, by having a positive and “I-can-handle” attitude, we can live in the stressful world and would not allow the stress to come in to our life.


True Knowledge of Divine Delight

True knowledge of life will encourage us more to participate in the divine delight even while going through an adverse situation.


Finding Peace with Everything

Yoga also encourages to live a moderate and balanced life, so being mindful about this goal of living life in a calm, peaceful and healthy way would limit our frustrations.


Yoga Nidra For Stress Management


Please practice today’s yoganidra about stress managementand contemplate on how to findpeace with other situations andpeople around.


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Written by Manoj Joshi

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