Pursuit of Mindfulness

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Yoga is a Conscious Practice:

 Let’s refresh once again: Mindfulness practice entails the following: being present, paying attention in a non-judgmental, non-reactive, curious, compassionate and accepting way.


Breath brings natural communication:

 The best way to bring this mindfulness and remebrance of the goal you want to accomplish is to tie this with your breath.


 SSLDC: The Correct Formula for Breathing

 Slow, Smooth, Long,  Deep, and Conscious Breathing

 On and average the human beings breathe about 15 counts per minute. This means we breathe on an average 21,600 times a day.


So, set up the reminders to breathe 5 times and remind to be mindful before and after some key activities like sleep, lunchtime, meeting, driving to work, driving back home, waiting on the phone, stopping at a red signal etc.


Pursuit of Mindfulness

 This way over a period of this 21 days you would have developed a nice habit of mindfulness of your present moment and the goal you are pursuing.


Yoga Nidra Based Mindfulness

 In today’s yoga nidra, we will focus on some of these key aspects of Mindfulness. Please keep up your daily practice.


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Written by Manoj Joshi

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