The Key to Happy & Healthy Life : Inhale, Exhale!

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You are completely relaxing your whole body. You are progressively relaxing every part of your body from toes to head, Slowly experiencing even more deeper relaxation. You are going deeper within. Bring a gentle curiosity in your mind about its healing nature. Wondering, how this body is able to heal the body, how your mind is becoming calm, peaceful and relaxed.


Wondering, how the heart is able to function and work so tirelessly. Wondering how this practice of yoga is helping you to be the best in your physical form, to be the best in your mental aptitude, to the best possible conditions to your heart, lungs and the vital organs. You are able to feel positive about your immune system and its able to fight with any unexpected situation inside the body to keep it healthy all the time. It is able to fight with all the germs and viruses that invade into our body every day.


Our body is able resist such attacks and able to fight back and being the winner. Our mind is resisting to all the temptations, all the delusions and remaining stronger. A strong moral character is building up. And you are appreciating all the principles of yoga such as:  Satya, Truth; Ahimsa, Non-Vioelence; Asteya, Non-Stealing; Brahmacharya, making the most all the resources given in this life; aparigraha, non-greediness; daya, compassion; arjava, straighforwardness; kshyama, forgivness; mitahara, moderation in eating; suchih, cleanliness of the mind and body. So you are contemplating on abiding by these principles as much as possible.


And you are also able to reflect on the 10 other principles of personal excellence called Yama, namely, Tapah, hard work; Santosha, satisfaction; Astikya, self faith; Dana, donation, contributions, helping others;  Ishwara-Pujana, seeing the divine in everything and everyone; Siddhanta-Shravana, taking time for self growth and discovering the truth with reading scriptures, reflecting on values of life;Hree or refraining from doing shameful things in life, learning from past mistakes; Matih, using conscience to take decisions rather than being impulsive, using the Soul Power at all points of life; Japah, remembering the goal in perspective all the time, constant remembrance of the DIvine, by chanting or by repeating the mantras of your life; Vrata, taking a Vow or commitment for leading a life that is meaningful and to make a difference while bringing more love, peace, happiness and harmony to everything you do and to everyone you meet, everywhere you go, all the while you live in this planet. 


Breathe In, Breathe Out. Inhale, Exhale..Take couple of long and deep breaths in silence and try to appreciate every thing you are doing for yourself in this life, taking care of your body, taking care of your mind, taking care of your intelligence and taking care of your soul, your family, your community and the world at large. Directly or indirectly. You are helping every one, bringing lots of positive values in life and being a wonderful Resource to this world.


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Written by Manoj Joshi

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