What Is That The Soul Wants To Do In This Life?

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The Power of True Intent

 Many times, when we are not aware of our true desire, it can create disturbance in our mind. Often times, it leads to psychological distress and can lead to depression, anxiety or other disorders.



What’s Your Deepest Desire?

 It is very important to spend some time to introspect into one’s heart and ask genuinely what is that the soul wants to do in this life.


Start the Quest Now

 It may not be revealed in one session, but at least the enquiry is made in a formal way and we need to do some gentle reminder to our self ocasionally to find out our deepest aspiration in life.


In this yoga nidra, it starts with this quest and finally attempts to connect to the Brahman, or the source of all healing and knowledge. It can also lead to awareness of an aura around our body that could further assist us in this endeavour.


Give Priority to Divinity.

Stop Thinking of What Could Go Wrong And Start Thinking of What Can Go Right.


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Written by Manoj Joshi

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